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  • Garden gulf channel: one of the ideal decisions for sifting situations, our helpful residue channel permits you to have an extremely advantageous and fascinating experience.
  • Dregs channel for washing: the creation of this water channel is exceptionally severe, forestalling silt, garbage, soil and from entering the strain washer.
  • Washer hose channel: our washer hose channel is exceptionally functional, and you can purchase this tough item at a .
  • High tension dregs channel: this high strain residue channel is imaginative and safeguards your tension washer, sifting through silt.
  • Gulf channel for washing: uniform surface, smooth surface, stay away from harsh touch, so you don’t have to stress over this washer hose channel will hurt the skin.

Package List
1 x Filter

-Material:Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Plastic clean inlet filter
-Note: Always disconnect the accessory after use. When not in use, do not leave accessories unattended or under pressure washer sediment filter.
-Size:14.00X13.00X6.00cm/5.50X5.11X2 washer inlet filter.
-Color:As Shown garden hose filter
-This high pressure sediment filter is creative and helps protect your pressure washer, perfect for filtering out sediment convenient inlet filter.
-When you need portable sediment filter, it can be used quickly and long-term service is guaranteed filter.
-Garden hose attachments are essential to filter sediment or impurities from your tap and our filter for sediment is a useful tool sediment filter for garden.
-It can easily solve the troublesome filtering problem. Our clean inlet filter has a simple design and is very clear and easy to use, ensuring its practicability convenient sediment filter.
-Our washer hose filter is very practical, and you can buy this durable product at a high pressure hose filter.

Goods Information
portable inlet filter A reliable inlet filter that filters well and prevents sediment.sediment filter for garden Made of durable material, this high pressure inlet filter is very strong and durable for a long time of use.washer sediment filter Excellent workmanship, smooth edges, not easy to rust, not easy to deform.hose inlet filter Versatile and can be used for high pressure cleaning

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Happyyami Cleaning Accessories Washing Machine Hoses