Cheng-store Water Gun Snow Foam Lance Household Multifunctional Car Washing Water Gun 100ml Snow Foam Bottle Lance


Link the water gun to spray foam
Chemical resistance
Precisely mixes and sprays frothing chemicals
Fan spray deflector consisted of
The foamer is just a water gun device, which can’t be used alone

Water Power Cleaner Product Description

Call: Water Gun Foamer
Material: PVC
Capability: 100ml
Dimension: concerning 9 * 5 * 13.3 centimeters/ 3.54 * 1.97 * 5.24″.
Key functions: attach the water gun to spray foam.
Item use: auto cleaning/ cleaning, flushing the glass.
Appropriate water guns: for the water gun whose nipple area port delights in thick strings and also is about 25 mm/ 0.98″ thick.
You can add the cleansing detergent into the clear container. Pair with the usual water gun to produce foam during the vehicle washing to save the labor of removing the cleaning detergent on the vehicle surface. 3 levels of foam density and also the water circulation total up to change.
The pet cleansing detergent can be included in bathroom your animal.
The liquid fertilizer or pesticide can be added to sprinkle the flowers and yards.
It can birth the 2-6 kg water stress and also has actually been a must-have product for the car as well as family pet washing and also blossom watering.
The product only consists of the foamer. The water gun is not included.
Specialized Notes:.
This foamer is simply a water gun accessory, which can not be used alone.
Do not disassemble and also construct the foamer when the water gun is linked so regarding prevent the step from getting damaged and also slipping.